How to Record Your Own Mirror Conversation

A conversation on how to record your own Mirror Conversation. Listen in as Nichole talks about taking a hard look in the mirror. Visibly, it is a great tool for reflection to understand your thoughts, emotions and how perception influences appearance and feel.  Learn to appreciate your reflection and clear out negative thought patterns as you self-reflect your way to loving yourself.

Ultimately a mirror conversation does not require a mirror, although there are benefits to talking in front of a mirror. In addition to advancing interpersonal skills, Mirror Conversations are an excellent way to improve charisma and confidence which is vital for keeping an audience engaged.

Self-reflection, helps you reflect on your areas of weakness while magnifying your areas of greatness. Self-judgment will hold you back and does not honor your unique expression of the soul. To truly honor your divinity, maintain a positive outlook, seek harmonic relationships and appreciate wherever you are on your path to greatness. To wrap it all up, “Glitter makes everything better for everyone that I’ve ever glittered before.”

Today’s conversation will focus on these questions:

How do you want to feel?

What do you want your reflection to say about you?

In what ways does changing your perception change your reality?