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Depression is the leading cause of disability in the United States and 2 out of 3 people with depression do not seek help. (Source) I started experiencing depression for the first time in my life after having two minor strokes or transient ischemic attacks (TIAs). Apparently, this is pretty common according to scientific studies researching the impact of TIAs and occurs in 20-40% of TIA patients. Despite being completely unaware of what depression felt like or receiving any kind of warning to monitor for symptoms, it makes sense that I would experience depression as I’ve now had 3 TIAs.

This led me to several groups of people who are also experiencing depression and when I looked up the stats it is clear that depression is an epidemic in the US population and likely throughout the world. I would like to be a part of the solution.





Traditional approaches to depression include therapy and taking pharmaceutical medications designed to correct chemical imbalances. However, I started asking myself, what if there is an easier way? What if we could cure depression without pharmaceuticals?

One of the side effects from my TIAs includes having super powers, specifically I have the ability to conduct energy in the human energy field on 5 planes; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and ethereal. I provide sessions to groups of participants who come together to have their super powers activated.

I find that when I clear the human energy field of obstructed energy patterns participants experience deep healing and an opening of super human abilities. One participant reported that their depression was cured after 7 sessions despite life-long episodes of suicidal depression. When I questioned what cured meant, I was told that he has gone a year without a single bout of depression. Therein lies the basis for this test.

The Experiment

What do we want to learn? Can shamanic energy heal depression and anxiety?

How will we measure that we learned it? Feedback from participants who compare their prior depressive episodes with the episodes that included the video.

What can we build in under 2 hours to test it? A video of an energy session with the intention of curing depression and anxiety.

Who Should Try the Experiment

Anyone who is experiencing depression, PTSD, anxiety or otherwise feels like their emotions are overwhelming. This especially includes parents, veterans, teenagers and those who lead busy lifestyles.

How to Run the Experiment

This could be the easiest experiment we ever run because it requires you to do almost nothing. All you need to do is set aside 45 minutes and watch the video below.

The Prototype

Watch this video to run the experiment. Make sure you are in a place where you can remain uninterrupted for 45 minutes. When the energy work begins, simply close your eyes and allow yourself to go into a deep meditation. I’ll do the rest. ♥

When the shamanic energy work is being performed you may feel movement of energy in your body as I move my hands. This movement may even directly correlate with what my hands are doing. This is normal and means you are receiving the energy that is being sent.

I recommend adding this video to your normal treatment plan for depression and seeing how it impacts you. Please talk to your doctor or therapist prior to changing any of your medications. While this may be possible after multiple sessions it should only be considered under the guidance of a physician.

The Results

The point of this experiment is to collect data from participants who use this video. While we’d love to wait for scientific validation and peer reviewed studies the reality is that people are suffering today and I want to help them. We will open this data up for any group would would like to run an analysis and create formalized findings, by request. Therefore, it is important to know that your data could be shared with the scientific community. Once there is enough data I will update this result with basic findings.

After you’ve watched the video and you notice changes in your episode of depression please share your findings here. You can share data multiple times as you use the video. I also recommend checking in with yourself in one month, 3 months, 6 months and after a year of starting to use it. The results of life transformation seem to be so accelerated that lives look completely different after a couple of months, so please check back in.

Thank you for being part of the solution. Please share this post with anyone you know that has experienced depression. Together we can find a cure. 🙏

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