FREE Quantum Healing: Addiction

In honor of National Recovery Month, I offer this free Quantum Healing as a gift and my contribution to helping humanity heal from all that ails us. May September offer us a time where we can honestly look ourselves in the mirror and ask, “what am I addicted to?” and “how can I be free from it?”

Our society is riddled with addictions to illegal drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs, gambling, technology, food, sex, money and more. The question is why? And how can we cure it?

After looking in the mirror and seeing my own addictions to food, alcohol, nicotine, sex, work and money I realized that they were all an attempt to escape this reality. They offered me the ability to get a quick high that felt amazing, yet always faded quickly. In the end, I was still left looking in the mirror, asking “why do I allow these things to control me?”

The answer was simple. I had yet to make the decision to be free. I embraced my addictions along with society. It was easier to have a few drinks at a networking event than to deal with my social anxiety. It was easier to pick the most glutenous thing on the menu than deal with the shame for my body that I held inside. It was easier to get a fix than it was to seek a cure. Until it wasn’t.

Eventually, these addictions compounded to the point that my body started to shut down. At 37, I had two minor strokes that caused me to reevaluate my life in a major way. I was facing my own mortality as a mother of 2. My doctor’s told me I was perfectly healthy despite being 40 pounds overweight, eating almost exclusively processed food, never exercising and working incessantly.

As I made the decision to be free from my addictions, one by one, I gained access to something I never could have imagined…myself. My true self started to emerge as I unapologetically pushed the boundaries of what we are told humans are capable of. I lost 40 pounds, I got into the best shape of my life and then I had another minor stroke. This one resulted in a near death experience.

That near death experience was the best thing that has ever happened to me. It showed me that death is nothing to fear and that life is something to be celebrated. I came face to face with God and was shown that my body is a temple, a temple that must be honored to gain access to its full divinity. I faced each of my addictions head on and continue to every day.

And as I face every fear in the face, I gain a deeper and deeper understanding of the nature of our human experience while unlocking super human abilities. In this video, I show the world one of many super human abilities I’ve found since then…Quantum Healing.

I offer this story as a bridge…a bridge between what was…what is…and what could be. We are ALL super heroes. We ALL have access to super human abilities. I hope that I can be a conduit to helping you uncover yours.


  1. Open yourself to the possibility that you can be healed of all that ails you
  2. Make a direct wish to God, Source our Infinite Creator to be cured of your addictions
  3. Sit back, close your eyes and allow yourself to be taken on a journey where you will see everything you need to see to finally be free
  4. Watch this video multiple times, at least 10-12 for life long addictions…you can even play it in the background and still receive benefit

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