Break Out of the Matrix

Nichole Kelly provides a sacred space of trust for women and men whose lives are going through a major transition


Imagine finding the keys that unlock everything you've ever wanted in a life. A life that is of your OWN design. NOT the life you SHOULD have...but the life you COULD have.

  • What if you could share your questions in a circle of trust and find answers? You can.
  • What if learning how to hack your experience turned your life into everything you've ever wanted?  It will.
  • What if you have access to super human abilities that are waiting to be unleashed into the world? You do.
  • What if this shift became your most transformational life moment? It will.

The Shift is a major life event that causes your perspective to completely change. People who are experiencing The Shift are in a wave of early adopters for the next evolution of humanity.

Super powers are available to all of us. The Shift is a sign that yours are ready to be unleashed and Nichole wants to help you find them.

Quantum Healer Nichole Kelly

This is happening to people all over the world. Nichole calls it The Shift, as a reminder of Dr. Wayne Dyer's movie of the same name, a story that finally helped her understand what was happening to her.

One day she was at the top of her game and the next she found herself facing her mortality after experiencing two transient ischemic attacks (TIAs) also known as minor strokes.

The thoughts that go through your mind are indescribable to anyone who hasn't been through it. You may feel lonely, isolated and even crazy as everything you believed at your core comes falling down to reveal The Matrix you've been living in.

People who are going through The Shift are facing major life transformation whether it's a divorce, job loss, medical wake up or achieving everything you want to find yourself unfulfilled. There is an uncertainty that is setting in. An uncertainty that can be overwhelming.

You find yourself questioning everything from who you truly are, whether you are in the right partnership to whether or not aliens exist. When your core belief systems are shaken nothing is off the table and we feel like we can't talk to anyone about it. We worry about sounding crazy, losing our closest confidants or everything we've worked for.

You are not crazy. You are not alone. Nichole can help.

Nichole Kelly, Shamanic Energy Conductor

There are 3 keys to finding balance through your transition and activating your super powers


A consistent approach to running Simple, Efficient and Effective experiments designed to create your ultimate human experience.


A process of daily reflection to BE the change you wish to SEE in the world and love yourself more fully with your own Mirror Conversations.


A Super Power Activation is deep meditation of music and shamanic energy conduction to remove blocked and unwanted energy.

Nichole Offers Choose Your Own Adventure Coaching Options

Custom Retreat

Experience radical transformation with a custom-designed retreat to learn the S.E.E. methodology and run targeted experiments based on your personal story. This is an in person event.

One-on-One Coaching

Offered on a limited basis for those who are truly ready to make big changes. You'll receive a weekly one-on-one call with Nichole and a private monthly activation. These are online meetings.

Group Coaching

Join a group of like-minded individuals who are also going through The Shift for weekly calls with Nichole based on pre-selected topics and activations. These are online meetings.

Transform your life one experiment at a time

Learn to Hack The Human Experience

Learn how to hack your experience with Simple, Efficient and Effective solutions that can be built in under 2 hours.

Look in the Mirror and LOVE the Reflection

Learn how to conduct your own mirror conversations and use them to celebrate your progress on your journey.

Activate Your Natural Super Powers

Receive a monthly activation to put you at the forefront of the human evolution.

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